Pilates of Dunwoody employs the very finest Romana’s Pilates certified instructors.  All have completed a 600+ hour training program and participate in yearly training with master level teachers.

Cristina Williams

Cristina began her dance training at the age of four in ballet, jazz and tap.  Dance was her passion and main from of fitness throughout adolescence, and she was first introduced to Pilates as a pre-teen while taking dance classes at the Atlanta Ballet.  After receiving her B.S. in International Affairs at Georgia Tech, Cristina worked in the software industry for five years and came back to the fitness world in 1997 after giving birth to her son.  She was trained and certified in 1999 by Romana Kryzanowska as well as Sari Mejia Santo.  Cristina is currently a level V+ instructor and Senior Instructor at Pilates of Dunwoody.  She is also a martial arts practitioner and an Ortho-Bionomist, a form of neuromuscular re-education.  Cristina is the author of My Café Cubano.

Mike Leun

Originally from Pennsylvania, Mike came to Atlanta to advance his career in the sales industry.  He first became interested in serious fitness as a member of the U.S. Army Paratroopers.  After leaving the military, Mike continued to maintain his fitness by training for and competing in triathlons.  He first learned about Pilates in 2000, and with the encouragement of his friend and future wife, Holly Pruell, decided to add Pilates to his training regimen.  The new training worked, and in 2002, Mike qualified for and competed in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championships.  It was about this time that Mike decided to take his love of fitness to the next level and make it his career.  Mike was certified in Romana’s Pilates in 2004.  As a Pilates instructor and certified personal trainer, Mike continues to love his job helping others to achieve optimum health through physical fitness.

Pam Gilman

Originally from New York, Pam has always been active in fitness, tennis and scuba diving.  She started training at Pilates of Dunwoody in 2002 and became certified as an instructor in April 2008.  Pam graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Finance and raised two boys while maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and good nutrition. Pilates was an excellent compliment to her fitness goals. Pam was certified under Holly Leun and Juanita Lopez.

Manon Huetter

Originally from Germany, Manon studied dance through adolescence with formal lessons in contemporary, ballet, jazz and dance theater at the Dans Academie in Tilburg and "Rotterdamse Dansacademie," both state-funded schools in the Netherlands.  Battling through the limitations of scoliosis, Manon was first introduced to Pilates in Rotterdam.  In 1997, after three years of undergraduate studies in the Netherlands, Manon took a hiatus from dance and Pilates to return to Germany to pursue an associate degree in real estate while teaching contemporary dance.  Years later, Manon resumed her Pilates training under Holly Leun at Pilates of Dunwoody.  Inspired by the changes in her own body and filled with the hope to help others transform their bodies, she was certified in 2008.

Instructors listed in order of time teaching Pilates:

Jenn Loftin 

Jenn was first introduced to Pilates in college through dance.  A dancer since the age of four, Jenn loved Pilates from the beginning for its structure and ability to connect the mind and body through systematic movement.  After ten years exploring other fitness disciplines, Jenn found Pilates of Dunwoody and returned to the method in 2008.  Now truly addicted, Jenn is thrilled to be able to share this passion with others through teaching.  Jenn received her B.S. in Business Administration/Marketing, and she is a former marketing professional.  Jenn was certified under Holly Leun and Juanita Lopez in 2010.

Leah Roper

Growing up in Kentucky and Tennessee, Leah was always involved in dance classes. Her love for dance continued through college. During a class in ‘Stretching & Breathing’ at the University of Tennessee in 1998, Leah learned the Pilates method and has been reaping the benefits ever since! She  achieved a Masters degree in Speech/Language Pathology in 2004. While working as an Speech/Language Pathologist in the public school system, she continued her pilates practice.  Leah became interested in the Romana’s Pilates method in 2013 at Pilates of Dunwoody. She trained under Holly Leun and Juanita Lopez and became a certified instructor in 2014. Leah maintained her Pilates practice throughout her pregnancy, giving birth to a healthy baby girl in February 2014.

Dinamy Gantt

Dinamy was first introduced to the Pilates Method at Pilates of Dunwoody in 2008.  Dinamy was already a health and fitness enthusiast and involved in many activities.  At the time, she was an avid runner, she was training in the gym, and she was dancing at Atlanta Ballet.  Dinamy has always been committed to personal growth and development through fitness and flexibility training.  Over the years, Dinamy has continued to diversify her activities by incorporating various forms of dance and yoga, and has trained with one of Atlanta’s top-rated personal trainers.  She discovered Pilates to be a brilliant mechanism for cross-training to increase strength, stability, and flexibility. 

In 2014, Dinamy returned to Pilates of Dunwoody to rehabilitate her lower back and relieve some discomfort she was experiencing.  Instead of traditional physical therapy, she made a commitment to Pilates.  The results were astounding - increased lower back strength and flexibility and increased abdominal strength through a committed Pilates practice.  These results motivated Dinamy to become an instructor and help others.  She trained under Holly Leun and Juanita Lopez and became a certified Romana Pilates Instructor in 2016.    

Dinamy holds a B.S. in Graphic Design, and an M.S. in Information Technology.  She is also certified Corporate Etiquette consultant, certified Project Management consultant, and operates an e-commerce store.

Holly Pruell Leun

Owner/Director and Regional Director for Atlanta of Romana’s Pilates

Originally from Boston, Holly performed with professional modern dance companies in the New England area and taught dance. She received her B.A. in Dance/Performance at Roger Williams University.  Her first experience with Pilates was in 1997 while dancing with the Nicola Hawkins Dance Company.  Realizing how it improved her flexibility, endurance and overall strength, Holly decided to move to Atlanta to become a certified instructor under Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter, Sari Mejia Santo. Holly opened Pilates of Dunwoody in 2002.  She advanced her education by attending seminars and continuing education workshops nationwide and became a leveled instructor in 2004.  Pilates of Dunwoody has been the Certifying Center for Romana's Pilates in Atlanta since 2005.  Pilates of Dunwoody hosts numerous workshops, seminars and CPE's every year. The studio has hosted Master instructors  Sari Mejia Santo and Juanita Lopez, Level II instructors Anthony Rabara, Michael Levy, Jerome Weinburg, Daria Pace, Rhonda Celenza, and Marjorie Oron. Holly is currently the only Level III instructor in Atlanta.